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John Broadwood Baby Grand Piano



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John Broadwood Baby Grand Piano

We are a piano company with a showroom in the East Midlands and we are happy to put to offer our John Broadwood baby grand piano.

This is our little baby grand piano by John Broadwood made in 1932 according to serial number 250978. It is finished in a black case, and would make a fantastic centrepiece or addition to any modern or traditional styled property, with all of the original features. This piano is fairly small at only 4 foot 6 inches long and 4 foot 7 inches wide and thus is ideal for those who are perhaps restricted on space but do not want to settle for an upright piano. Overall the case work is in good condition and is very robust mechanically which is one of the things John Broadwood are famous for. The action has a medium to light touch and play nicely throughout the scale, with a controlled bright tone, typical of a baby grand of this size and era.


Length: 4 Foot 6 Inches
Width: 4 Foot 7 Inches
88 Note Keyboard

John Broadwood made thousands of pianos in the UK and are renowned as one of the best piano makers to have come out of Britain, infact they made one of the very first grand pianos in the world. If you do not know anything about John Broadwood pianos, please either call us on 01623 657 301 to discuss or look them up on Google.