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Grotrian Steinweg 120
Upright Piano



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Used Grotrian Steinweg 120 Upright Piano

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We are a musical instrument company based in Mansfield, Nottingham, with over 250 pianos to choose from and we are pleased to offer our used Grotrian Steinweg 120 upright piano for sale.  To view our entire piano selection please click this LINK.

This is our used Grotrian Steinweg 120 upright piano which is finished a rosewood french polished case.  The piano measures 3 foot 11 inches tall and 4 foot 9 inches wide with 88 keys. The pianos condition is excellent, it has a serial number of 24953 and its year of manufacture is 1910. This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Grotrian Steinweg says:
Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself. Wilhelm Grotrian once said to his sons Kurt and Willi and thereby phrased one of the most important mottos for the Grotrian company. When you listen to the sound of a Grotrian you will notice that there is much more behind it: a love for music.
The piano manufacturer Grotrian is family-owned and currently in the fifth and sixth generations. Across the years one thing has never changed: the love for music. This has always been and still remains the motivation even for unusual steps.
In 1830 Friedrich Grotrian left Germany to establish a music business in Moskva. The town prospered and attracted many musicians like Clara Schumann, Franz Liszt and A. Rubinstein. Friedrich Grotrian maintained close relationships with many pianists and got to know their preferences. He started to build pianos. Pianos, which were loved by pianists.

If you would like to find out more information on this product, or any of our other 200 pianos, please give us a call on 01623 657 301.


Height: 3 Foot 11 Inches

Width: 4 Foot 9 Inches

Keyboard: 88 Note

Delivery Information:

Here at Sherwood Phoenix, we have our own in house specialist piano delivery team which allows us to be the fastest turn around piano delivery service in the country.  We can arrange piano deliveries anywhere in the UK and throughout the world.  Prices do vary and it is recommended to discuss the price of the delivery with one of our piano logistics team on 01623 657 301.

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