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Piano Valuation Service

Unveil the value encapsulated within your piano with Sherwood Phoenix Valuation Service.

Uncover the true worth of your piano with Sherwood Phoenix Impartial Valuation Service. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, you have inherited or are looking to insure a piano, let us assist you with understanding the value within your instrument. The £19.00 valuation fee is fully redeemable against additional services including trade-ins, removals, disposals & storage.  

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Why Sherwood Phoenix?

Expert Appraisers: Our team comprises seasoned piano experts who understand the intricacies of every make and model. With years of experience, we provide accurate and insightful valuations that reflect the essence of your piano. 

Transparent Process: At Sherwood Phoenix, we believe in transparency. We guide you through every step of the valuation process, answering your questions and offering clear explanations, so you can make informed decisions. 

Multiple Purposes: Whether you’re looking to sell, insure, donate, or simply satisfy your curiosity, our valuations serve a variety of purposes tailored to your needs. We consider factors that influence its value, ensuring a well-rounded and detailed assessment. 

Prompt Service: We understand your eagerness to uncover the worth of your piano. With Sherwood Phoenix Piano Valuations, expect a timely and efficient valuation report that includes the value

Our Valuation Process:

Reach Out: Contact us to initiate the valuation process. Share details about your piano’s make, model, age, and any relevant history.

Analysis: Using our deep industry knowledge and extensive research, we analyse the gathered information to provide you with a detailed and accurate valuation report.

In-Person Evaluation: If necessary, we arrange an in-person evaluation to closely examine the piano’s physical condition and sound quality.

Report Delivery: You’ll receive a comprehensive valuation report that encompasses both the numerical value and the qualitative essence of your piano.