7 Day No Hassle Returns


We understand that one of the main worries when buying a piano is not knowing which piano to choose.  Whether you are a complete novice and this is your first purchase, or you are an established player buying your ‘forever’ instrument, buying a piano can seem like a daunting task.

What if I buy something and when it arrives I don’t like it?

This is why we introduced our 7 day returns policy.  If for whatever reason after your piano is delivered, you decide it is not suitable, let us know within 7 days of the piano being delivered and we will dispatch our team to collect it and refund you the full amount.  This service costs you nothing and allows you the opportunity to try the piano out in your house without feeling like you are going to be stuck with something that you don’t like, is the wrong size, doesn’t sound like you had hoped or is just a bad idea altogether.  No matter what reason you have for wanting to return the piano, we will facilitate making the return as easy and straightforward as possible.

Can I change a piano that has been delivered for something else if I don’t like it?

Yes of course.  If you visited the showroom and already know what you would like, when we come to collet the return piano, we can redeliver your other choice.  If you bought the piano remotely and are unsure we will be happy to advise you on an alternative, or you are welcome to come to the showroom and pick something else.

Is there a cost to return the piano within 7 days?

No.  All our pianos are delivered to ground floor UK for free so all you pay is the price of the piano.  If you wish to return a piano we will refund you the full purchase amount and the whole experience will have cost you nothing.

I don’t know anything about pianos, how do I know what to choose?

If you have never owned a piano before, you are in a fairly lucky position with regards to choice.  Generally speaking almost all pianos being built today are of excellent quality and will generally outlive a person.  This has almost always been the case and the vast majority of pianos which have ever been built are still around today.  The reason this is relevant is because if the quality of most pianos is excellent, and you have not already developed a desire for anything specific about a piano, then picking almost any piano that you like the sound of will be suitable for you.  Our advice is normally come and we can demonstrate a few of your favorites to you, or you can listen to our demonstration videos and pick something you like the look of that fits your price range.  Your future taste in pianos will be shaped around the piano that you play in the early years.