Piano Tuning & Warranty

All pianos sold directly on staging.sherwoodphoenix.co.uk come with a 1st free tuning and a warranty. The timescale of the warranty will be different on all pianos and you will find the length of warranty supplied in each product’s page.

Before you place an order, if you have any questions relating to this, please contact our Customer Service team by email [email protected], or call us on 01623 657301 , Mon-Sat 10am – 5pm.  All calls to Customer Services will be charged at the local rate (BT users only, other network charges may vary), and both inbound and outbound calls may be recorded for quality monitoring and training purposes.

Piano Tuning

  • You have up to 6 months to use your first free tuning.
  • Pianos must be tuned annually as a minimum however you can tune a piano as many times a year as you feel necessary.
  • Once a piano is delivered, it needs a period of time to settle into its new home, this settling in period differs for every piano in different environments. It is primarily environmental factors such as heat, humidity, proximity to windows and radiators that influence the pianos tuning.
  • Most pianos will settle within 2 weeks and almost all pianos would be settled within 6 weeks. However we give you up to six months to utilise your first free tuning.
  • Piano tuning is required annually, this keeps it in tune obviously but also allows our tuners to make sure the piano is in tip top condition for you and have the opportunity to catch any possible issues early. You can treat this in the same way as a car MOT. It maintains the life of your piano for many years to come.
  • You may wish to tune your piano more regularly if you play it often, that is absolutely fine. In fact, many tuners recommend a tuning every 6 months although for warranty purposes you will want to do it at least once a year.

Advice for Piano Care and Maintenance

• Your instrument should be kept at a constant temperature and humidity.
• We guarantee the instrument only for conditions between 45% and 70% humidity.
• Avoid placing the instrument close to any central heating or working fire-place, in direct sunlight, next to damp or cold outer walls, windows or French windows because of the draught. Be careful with any fluids such as cold or hot drinks etc., and sharp objects such as pens or pencils, paper-clips etc.
• When cleaning the surface of your instrument, take care not to use any abrasive cloths. For cleaning the keys only use a slightly damp soft cloth (under no circumstances ethyl alcohol or solvents should be used). Should the instrument be delivered during a cold weather spell, we suggest the instrument to be placed in a well-aired room in which the temperature is then gradually increased.
• Pianos and grand pianos should ideally be tuned twice a year. Once a year, along with the tuning, the action, keys and pedals should be checked and regulated by your local Sherwood Phoenix approved technician. Please record and countersign all maintenance and tunings during the guarantee period. This will ensure swift and efficient handling of all guarantee claims.

Piano Warranty

A guarantee for your instrument is valid from the date of delivery in accordance with all the technical and general maintenance terms and conditions. This guarantee only applies to the first private owner and the length of the guarantee will be given on the invoice and will be in the website listing.
• We commit ourselves to investigate and remedy all defective workmanship as well as faults in the materials used. Interior and exterior damage caused by negligence of the buyer or other persons is not included in our guarantee.
• Sherwood Phoenix Ltd is not liable for wear and tear caused by regular use.
• Any damage incurred during use of the instrument outdoors is not covered by the Sherwood Phoenix guarantee.
• The cabinet surface is not included in the guarantee.
• Failure to properly maintain and care for the instrument (as described in Advice for Care and Maintenance) will invalidate the guarantee. Any costs involved in ensuring the proper care are the responsibility of the private owner, e.g. humidity control and regulation.
• Should any of the above defects or faults in workmanship occur during the period of guarantee, please inform us immediately.


For any queries regarding our service, please contact us via email, phone or post.

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